Winter In The Blood

Associate Producer

Ranchwater Films needed funding to move a rough assemble of their new feature, Winter in the Blood, through the final phases of post-production. After watching the draft, I concluded with Kitefliers’ Head Honcho that I had never seen this story told like this before. The Smith Brothers expertly wove a narrative that gave the viewer both a sense of the story told in the original novel, but also conveyed the experience of being that protagonist on that journey. Simply, it fit Kitefliers’ mission of innovative storytelling.

We worked with Ranchwater Films on refining the final project and joining the team at the film’s premiere at the LA Film Festival. As the film went on to tour festivals on three continents, Kitefliers helped secure its distribution, landing the film on Netflix, Amazon and other streaming platforms.

“The story captures a slipstream of memory and regret, interweaving past and present and what might be happening in Virgil’s mind as he reflects on lost family and lost chances.” – Los Angeles Times

Winter in the Blood portrays an often overlooked modern Native American life…. It’s also a treat to see Native American actors, too often relegated to nameless parts in period dramas, portray such nuanced and complicated characters. … The Smith brothers have created a truly beautiful and unique film that deserves to be seen; a creative accomplishment not only of filmmaking but of capturing this world.” – IndieWire

“Real and surreal weave together, and an impeccably chosen soundtrack — by, among others, the Heartless Bastards and Robert Plant — reinforces a mood that veers from dreamy to violent with shocking suddenness.” – New York Times