Rabbit Hole

Video & Sound Designer

The director for a stage production of Rabbit Hole needed to convey to an audience what a character was feeling as he watching home video of his four-year-old son, who had recently died in a car accident. The director also wanted a Blues-inspired sound track for pre-show and production to carry the production from scene to scene, as well as the creation of original sound effects for on- and off-stage production.

The director and I concluded the best way to convey the father’s journey was to overcast the father on stage watching the video, while the video itself illuminated the father and the set in real time. I filmed a child actor and produced the final video with overlaying sound. Then I coordinated with the stage manager and scenic and lighting designers for the final image.


Due to rights restrictions, video from the production may not be published. However, the audio recording for this scene is included above. It was originally played while the character was watching video of his son, projected simultaneously over him onstage.


The Soundtrack

To create the soundtrack, I attended rehearsals and tracked the mood, plot and emotional moments to compose a soundtrack of various blues songs. To set the tone, I created an additional soundtrack of instrumental piano blues to play while patrons were arriving and seating before the production. Then, I recorded and produced live sound effects and edited, adjusted levels and timed cues with the stage manager and oriented speakers in theatre for point-of-origin performance.

Named one of the Top 10 Productions of 2009 by Creative Loafing, Rabbit Hole’s video was the theater company’s first video-as-lighting design to convey a sense of character never met by the audience, and it successfully communicated the emotional experience of the character on stage. The soundtrack was very well received, receiving many requests for the soundtrack itself.