Kitefliers Studios

Logo & Branding Director

When Kitefliers Studios first started, they needed a logo. More importantly, when the time came, they would need something cool that pops up at the beginning of the movie with their name on it!

I worked directly with the graphic designer, conveying a sense of needs, ideas and purposes, as well as reflecting all of the different things that represented my influences and my business partner’s. Over the course of several weeks, I collaborated with the designer, until we fine-tuned a sense of color, graphic and logo that I could use to represent all things Kitefliers.

Kitefliers Studios Business Card (front) Kitefliers Studios Business Card (back)


I then took the logo and requisite colors and applied that branding consistency, as well as its design influence, throughout all of Kitefliers materials, including website, letterhead and business cards.

Kitefliers Studios Letterhead