Script Consultant &
Co-Executive Producer

Table Ten Films began development for their new project, Clutter, an independent feature film about a hoarder and her family.

As an executive producer, I assessed the script as a project worth investment for Kitefliers Studios. Then, I worked with the writer, producer and director in pre-production to refine the script into something that could be sold to financiers to package and secure actors prior to filming.

It was a thrill not only to work with Paul Marcarelli, but to watch the production come to life on set (not to mention, having my first cameo film appearance with Carol Kane!)

Clutter went on to win Best Film at the Harlem international Film Festival, and is currently distributed on Amazon and other online platforms.

Clutter pays careful attention to each of these thwarted, deeply scarred family members, candidly opening up with raw feeling their long festering psychological scars – but always nonjudgmentally and with abundant empathy.” – News Blaze

“Perhaps what this film does best is to present a less extreme view of a family affected by hoarding disorder than what has been brought to the masses previously… gross filth, extreme personality-disordered parenting, and unlikable characters are absent.” – One Wee Spark