Online Producer

For its first film production, Kitefliers Studios needed a website where it could offer a trailer of their new short, The Bedford Devil, but it also had a few other requirements. Kitefliers was crowdsourcing funding and needed a location to both reach out to prospective funders and to also acknowledge the ones it had.  Bedford was also submitting and screening at film festivals and needed a place to announce those screenings. Plus, Kitefliers wanted to establish the artists both in front of and behind the camera who primarily came from the Tampa Bay region.

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While many film websites welcome multimedia into their sites, they tend to fall short beyond that, offering a smattering of credits, and very little information about what the film is actually about.

I built on a WordPress engine to create a landing page where fans, funders, cast, crew and prospective audience members could all gather, finding every available way they can support and enjoy The Bedford Devil. Supporters Page