All New People

Video & Sound Designer

All New People required specially filmed segments (one for each stage role), featuring additional off-stage actors, to be screened in conjunction with the live stage production. The director also required special sound and visual effects to overlay the stage production. The largest obstacle? Making film with a small-theatre budget.

I coordinated a crew of University of Tampa film students with the production’s director and cast and lead pre-production, storyboarding and rehearsals. Throughout filming, I worked with the director on any issues as they arose and then worked through post-production directly with the editor.

In the meantime, I recorded and edited a sound collage that would interact live with the actor onstage (see below). Once the videos were complete, I coordinated with the stage manager on setting the levels and cuing the videos and sound to work with the stage production.

We created a blended feel, using video and sound to make the video and sound collaborate together seamlessly, as if the characters had been transported to another, similar stage elsewhere to convey the deeper sense of their histories, and then teleported back when the play resumed.

The production earned two Theatre Tampa Bay actor nominations, including for one of the actors who only ever appeared onscreen.

All New People Video Screenshot Scene 1 All New People Video Screenshot Scene 2 All New People Video Screenshot Scene 3Due to rights restrictions, video from this production may not be published.

Air Tower Sound Collage

The character with the last extra-scene flashback required a monologue from the actor, while a montage of events played aurally onstage. To make the sound work with the actor, several separate audio clips were sequenced, with the stage manager cuing each one, depending on where the actor was in the monologue for each performance.

The sample here gives a sense of that audio montage, while the character described how he accidentally caused two airplanes to crash in a fatal mid-air collision.