Online Producer

ABC Cachets was the product of over 50 years of philatelic collecting – a mass of stamps, cachets and other related postal collectibles amassed over the lifetime of Alfred Boerger.

Unfortunately, Al couldn’t document all of what was in his brain about his catalogue of over 1 million items before he passed. When his daughter took over the collection, she needed a way to index the inventory, value it, and maintain the business of selling them, while she properly assessed what to do with the collection.

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Over 1,000 Products

I trained the owner how to catalogue with spreadsheets, and then how those spreadsheets evolve into databases, so that she could apply SKUs and other metadata to her products.

Then, I processed the images for each product and imported 1,000+ unique items into an the online shopping cart I built where she could both manage and sell her inventory in real time.

In just a few years, ABC Cachets sold over 1,500 collectibles online.

The online database enabled the owner to fully evaluate everything she had, eventually leading her to successfully auction the catalogue at its proper value to collectors in Chicago.