Hi! I’m Shawn

I am a multimedia creator and content strategist with a professional writing background. I love crafting stories and information in a variety of formats to affect people and promote proactive change.

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    Just to Make Sure You're Not A Robot

    I delight in playing with media

    All media – especially new media – is a big playground for me to see how I can get words and images to collaborate and send a message. I’m a stickler for detail, a sucker for good design, and I am always looking to learn, improve and try. When I open a magazine, my eye first notices article length, layout, font type and graphics. When I watch a presentation, I watch the audience, because what they respond to (or don’t) is just as important as the presentation’s content itself.

    What you Don't see

    Along with the projects on this site, I have worked on a number of things that don’t fit so well in a conventional portfolio. For instance, I’ve written proprietary software manuals, screenplays, corporate bylaws, press releases, and more.

    Likewise, I’ve been a bit of an IT Swiss army knife and consultant, figuring out stuff from email systems to setting up remote security cameras.

    Where you see I’ve been an online producer, that not only includes web design, but writing and editing content, managing graphics, backend maintenance – pretty much the whole soup and nuts of the site.

    I love craftsmanship

    I can watch a Japanese woodworker for hours. I will probably never carve a piece of wood, but I want to know what works for that artisan, because it could improve how I create things, too. Plus, I’m dying to know what she’s making, because for me, if it has an art, it is art, and half the fun is knowing how it gets made.

    And also...

    When I’m not making stuff, um, I’m probably making stuff. I’m the chef in the house. I constantly listen to music – doing laundry, thinking about painting something, flying a kite, or even writing this bio, it happens with music. Other than that, I enjoy my friends, family, and a fierce NFL game.

    Thanks for reading this far and checking out my site. If you’d like to see if I can fit in on your next project, please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.